Audiogram - Hearing Conservation Program

What are Audiograms?

A person can be evaluated for an assessment of noise exposure as part of a hearing conservation program. Sometimes these evaluations are preformed to assess possible injury related to excessive noise exposure.  The evaluation may include a medical history, physical examination, and audiogram.

For the hearing conservation program, based on OSHA Standard 1910.95, a baseline evaluation is performed with reassessments scheduled annually or sooner.  If the audiogram result is abnormal, the Physician or Other Licensed Health Care Professional (PLHCP) may refer that individual for further assessment and possible intervention by an Otolaryngologist and/or an Audiologist.

Frequently Asked Questions

An audiogram is performed using a system that generates a calibrated level of noise. A whisper test measures the person’s ability to hear a forced whisper at 5 feet or further from the source.

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