Respirator Fit Testing

What is Respirator Fit Testing?

A fit test determines if the seal between a respirator and an individual's face is appropriate and is to be done annually. There are two types of tests: qualitative and quantitative. Qualitative is a pass/fail approach that uses one's sense of taste or smell while a quantitative process utilizes a machine to measure the amount of leakage into the facepiece. Customized respirator fit testing is tailored to our client's needs. Employees scheduled are asked to bring the respirator they plan on using on the job to their appointment, and a fit test is performed by our staff. Medical clearance must be in place before the fit test. The examinee is required to be clean-shaven for the fit test.

Frequently Asked Questions

Annually or if there are any medical changes that would result in the need for a new fit test.

With appropriate notification, the clinic may be able to provide a fit test adapter and respirator to be used for fit testing.

Have medical clearance in place, be clean-shaven and supply the clinic with the respirator that will be used for the job.

Yes. Employers must supply details on the make/model of the respirator that will be used on the job.  It would be ideal to have information about the job duties and associated exposures.

Additional Resources

  • The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH)


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