Medical Evaluation: Silica

Comprehensive Medical Evaluation in accordance with Silica OSHA Standard General Industry 1910.1053, Construction 1926.1153

Any worker that is exposed to respirable crystalline silica dust over the PEL of 50 µg/ m3 8-hour TWA or has exposure that requires use of a respirator more than 30 days in a year must be provided medical surveillance at least every 3 years. The medical evaluation includes history, physical, a chest x-ray with B-read, pulmonary function test, and a TB test. 

Frequently Asked Questions

 Even though the employer makes extensive measures to reduce exposure to silica dust, there are still instances where workers will be in environments where silica dust exposure exceeds 50ug/m3 in the air. In these instances, a respirator is needed, and these workers are included in the medical surveillance program. 

Silica is primarily a respiratory hazard, so the medical surveillance program is focused on the lungs. 

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